How to Get a Creative Approach in Your Dissertation?

Now more than ever, a large portion of students are aiming for a creative approach in their theses and dissertations. The reason for it is to make it more appealing and exciting for you and your teachers who are going to grade it.

Explain a Creative Thesis

We know that for most people, academics and creativity do not go with each other. But since you are reading this article, we are assuming that you are not among those. The idea of this piece of writing revolves around utilizing different approaches while creating your dissertation. Moreover, our beliefs state that creative dissertations have their contribution to academic respect. The method is tricky, but it is not impossible. The core idea of a dissertation is to be able to express your ideas in a well-researched manner. Hence, you can adopt different mediums for this purpose.

A decade ago, you might not even have heard of it, but now there are examples available in this niche. People have begun to submit their theses in all forms and mediums. Even some students submitted their complete ideas in video format while others used web-based platforms. Conclusively, there is no limit to your creativity these days only the supervisor’s permission is a requirement.

What to Acknowledge?

Before you make your mind about allowing a creative exposure to your dissertation, you must acknowledge a few things. These include your institutional policies on the medium of your dissertation. If they are flexible enough for you to bring a different and out of the box approach through your paper, then that is where you start. Also, take some consultation from your supervisors and see what they have to say about it. Opting it when there are strict rules against it will be a waste.

What Are the Risks?

It is quite apparent that this approach brings some significant risks for your thesis as well. The level of creativity determines the intensity of the dangers that you have to face. When you decide on having a creative dissertation, you should ensure that it sends an unambiguous message and is not at all vague. If you have any level of doubt left, then you should clear it or drop the idea. A creative approach requires double the time, and if it does not express your concepts and notions, then it is of no use. Proper articulation of your proposal is quite essential. Hence, take appropriate care before going for it. Also, if you do not have enough time for completion, then it might harm your work. Take proper time and give it a thorough thought to analyze the risks. For further assistance and guidance, you can always count on Law Assignment Help. Also, you can get more ideas from the people there.

The Formats You Can Try:

If you have decided on a creative dissertation, then the next step is about the formats that you can try in this respect. The ideas are not only limited to the video and graphic medium. Instead, there are more approaches available. Here are a few of them:

Creativity in a Section or Chapter:

While a completely creative approach might consume a lot of time, you can make it less time-consuming and still quite effective by covering only a section for that approach. That might mean creating only one chapter in that way. No matter what format you choose, applying it to a small portion will minimize the risk.

A Fictional Touch:

If you are familiar with fictional writing or if you want to do your thesis in the form of a story, then this format might make your work more appealing. You can include poems, stories, and snippets for this purpose. It will result in a more exciting outlook for you and your supervisors.

Graphic Novels:

For those who have the skills needed for a graphical approach, a graphic novel or a comic book might be a suitable option. All you have to do is make sure that your idea will get perfectly portrayed through it. Apart from that, it is a very colourful and eye-catching idea to do it this way.


We know that some people like to dramatize their ideas and present it as a short movie. For offering your opinion, a documentary is always a nice option. Use text documents as the backup and propose your ideas through a clip that supports the concepts hypothetically.

A Multimedia Presentation:

Most people already are using this approach, and you can do it too. A multimedia presentation that covers every aspect of your thesis will help you to present your theory from your perspective and frame. You can add multiple formats in that one presentation and make it more effective.

Objectification or Constructive Approach:

If your subject allows you to construct something new by using different ideas and notions, then you can even manufacture something out of it based on your research. It can be a new invention or at least a new idea for your audience.

Adding Creativity:

When you make the creative decision for your final projection of thoughts after long years of research, then you have to ensure that you say it out loud and clear. No matter what message you are presenting, it does not contain a vision; then it is going down the drain. For it to be effective, you should do the following things:

  • Comprehend your topic in detail.
  • Be familiar with the format that you will be using.
  • Put your complete effort into the cause. Be dedicated to it.
  • Even when you do not have an example, create your way.
  • Push past your limits and see where you reach.

These are the key factors that will guarantee you a smooth experience in implementing creativity in your dissertation. Your thesis is going to decide your grades and your success when you graduate. Hence, it is very significant that you ace it. I hope this piece helped you get all the creative ideas for your thesis. Good luck!

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