Learning For The Students Of Colour – Reimagining the Future

Almost everybody is waiting for the moment when things will go back to normal from this pandemic outbreak. But some people were previously not having the time of their lives usually. Stating it, that is an indication of the students of colour. If you are not familiar with the term, we will begin by explaining it to you bit by bit. Also, how they are facing the unequal nature of education and how some steps can be an initiative for overcoming it. Read till the end to know this facade of our “normal” lives.

What Does “Students of Color” Mean?

Mostly, Brown or Black students are the instant referral to the term “Students of colour,” but mainly, it is about students originating from minority groups of culture and races. So, it is a term used for students who belong to a different race than the majority in an institution.

Let’s continue about how students of colour is a significant term by discussing the nature of odd behaviours in institutions.

The Unequal and Unjustified Nature Of Education:

Previously, especially in America, students of colour, which included African-American, Native American, and Latino students, had to go to entirely different schools based on their race. It was quite an unjustified issue and later resolved after a decade. Although now it is better, the experiences for students of colour is quite different than the native people. There is a sense of dominance in the treatment that they face. Moreover, schools in the suburban sides based for those minority group of students receive lesser resources than those found in urban areas.

Additionally, teaching resources are also quite low in quality. Hence, all of these situations make it quite apparent that there is a discriminatory behaviour for such students. You can refer to Need Law Assignment Help to explore more in this area.

Do Money And Resources Make A Difference For Education?

Often, while discussing the inequality and injustice in resources and money, it is a question raised whether it makes any difference. But many pieces of research serve as evidence to the fact that to enhance the nature of education, money is necessary. Many resources play a vital role that institutions can attain through proper funds. Hence, the resources are significant for even minor educational institutions to flourish. Students of colour deserve to receive educational resources on the same footing as it may affect their learning journey. But they are; still, even today get deprived of such support. It is quite a matter to look into, as education has to be equal for all.

Why Does It Matter To Provide Equal Opportunities?

Another thing to ponder upon is why it even matters? Why can’t students of colour adjust to it? But equal opportunities give way to more confident students who know that their educational scores are more prior than their race and cultural background. Different analysis in various subjects proves that there is no performance variation concerning the race or culture of a student. Hence, the opportunities must be fair and equal for all as students of colour will excel in a field as proficiently as a native can.

How Can We Make It Better?

We cannot fixate this issue as one that cannot be solved. Instead, there is a fair chance that the scenario will be better in the upcoming years if there is constant support provided on various platforms for this cause. Furthermore, teachers can also play an integral part in enhancing the learning experience for students. It will also help in determining what a community can accomplish if given equal nature of treatment and opportunities as a whole.

Stimulating Self-Love:

It can get quite frustrating for young people to face discrimination and to be dealt with differently regularly. Hence teachers should play their part and make them love themselves to avoid their negative emotions to overcome their persona.

Getting To Know Them:

One way to treat them equally being a teacher is to know them better. It is the first move that a teacher should be able to make. You can keep it formal if you want it can boost their pride and confidence.

Allowing Them To Share Their Things In Class:

It is a small step that lets them know how much value you offer to them. Also, it gives them a chance to show the world who they are as a human being and not as a community of different colour. You can make them share it during class activities so that the academics do not get affected.

Involving The Family And Community Members Of The Students Of Color:

It is a finishing touch to the level of justified behaviour that you can add as a teacher. It might be a little hard to get permission for it, but it will a significant step towards this matter and will help the students know that they matter to you and the institution. Involving communities will also help the students acknowledge how their communities matter. A teacher can use multiple channels to stay in touch with the parents and to keep a check on the progress of a student. Make sure that your approach is useful and practical.

Empowering Students Of Colour Through Storytelling:

With the unjustified behaviour that students of colour face regularly, they may have been through a lot. Teachers must boost up the confidence to help them come forward and share their struggles and stories with the world. They can make use of digital platforms as well. It will further empower students of the same colour and culture.

Summing It Up:

The world is facing a crisis, and every day we feel overwhelmed by the existence of this pandemic outbreak. Every day we feel like it is enough shutdown for our lives. But to unravel the truth beneath our regular happy lives, we will discover how our happy life is misery for some people. Even after decades of struggle, there is still a significant part of work left in this cause.


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